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A motel after party
There is nothing like a warm bath after a long night of partying.zophya and briana devil decided that it would be an amazing idea to go back to the motel and explore each others body.After all these two are the sluttiest chicks you'll ever see in a bathub together!
Emily's sleepover
I was sitting at home bored out of my mind because my boyfriend decided that he'll have his boys night out tonight! So I decided to have my own little get together, I invited 2 of my girls over so that we can have a sleep over.My boy friend doesn't know that I love eating pussy while getting dildo fucked from behind.This is one night he will wish that he stayed to party with me.I get so hot thinking about my girls coming over. come join me inside if you like to watch 3 dirty girls eat,lick,suck and fuck!It's a sleep over party you wouldnt' want to miss.
Drunk and slutty
Anya and Zophya came home drunk after a party one night.Things got a little carried away and next minute you know anya is sucking on zophya clit and finger fucking her like you woud'nt believe.Come see these two hot chicks get it on with each other. They both share 1 dildo and fuck it doggy style.this after party has just begun.
Weekend get away
After a look alike contest, I noticed two chicks that resembled me so much, I thought they were my sisters!I said hey, lets be friends! We looked so much alike that it turned us on to see our own beauty on some elses body.we decided to go back to the hotel and see if we all tasted alike too!this party was amazing, we took pictures so that we can remeber it
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